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About Us

Five Boro Cleaning Services is committed to providing high quality cleaning services.

We're are fully insured for your protection

  • Damage to someone else's property
  • Damage to rented properties (e.g. a fire)
  • Injury to a third party including related medical expenses
  • Actions of our staff, including temporary employees
  • Claims of personal injury including libel and slander

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We provide janitorial service for a variety of industries, including the following:

Small and large offices

Condo and apartment common areas

Multi-Tennant facilities

Medical facilities

Manufacturing and Production facilities

Commercial Cafeterias & Restaurant kitchen floors

Banks and other financial institutions

Churches and places of worship

Post - construction cleaning

Our Cleaning Staff

All of our crew are trained with videos, manuals, and hands-on instruction. Our employees are:

Professionally trained

Background checked



Responsive to your needs





Pet lovers

Cleaning for a reason

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